Participate in the Tavern 27 Cork Drive
to benefit local community events.

What is the Cork Drive?
The Cork Drive is a way for us to help to support our local community by helping Team Tavern 27 participate in local charity events. Our first collection sent a team to play in the Boys and Girls Golf Tournament at Laconia Country Club with an entry fee of $600.


How it works.

Donate $1 and receive a cork to write your name on. Then we will glue the cork to our ceiling. Simple. The Cork Drive will last until our ceiling is completely covered.

Businesses are encouraged to donate enough corks to create their logo out of to put on our ceiling. Minimum $100 donation and the corks can not be painted. The logo mosaic must be tasteful.

How can you participate?

You can stop by Tavern 27 and donate to put your cork up.
You can bring us your corks.
You can spread the word.

Our very first cork was donated by Sandra Watson of Annalee Dolls in Meredith.
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